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Staging to Sell

4 Powerful Reasons to Stage Your Home

Staging to Sell

Sometimes home staging feels like it’s not something that is very important when it comes to selling your home.  Maybe you think it’s something that you see on the home selling television shows, but it’s not something that applies to selling your home.  However, home staging can take selling your home to a whole new level.  With real estate being an incredibly competitive market in the Washington DC and Northern Virginia areas, you should utilize every opportunity you can to make your home better.  Here are some reasons why home staging is a must when it comes to selling your home.

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You Will Make More Money!

Studies show that homes who utilize home staging companies and experts can sell their homes for 10 percent more.  By making your home visually appealing to potential buyers you make your home seem more high end and sophisticated then it might actually be.  Because of this, you can charge more for a home and still get your asking price!



Your House Will Sell Faster

There are lots of theories about how long you should keep a home on the market.  It’s a common conception for potential buyers to think that the longer a home is on the market the more likely it is that there is something wrong with the home.  With home staging, your house can sell faster because it looks better.  The less time your home is on the market the more likely you are to get the best deal.


Buyers Can See Themselves Living There

Home staging is all about making the home still have a lived in feel without being too lived-in.  The number one question a potential buyer will ask themselves when they walk into a home is “can I see myself living here?”  By staging your home to seem more welcoming and lived in, buyers can more easily visualize themselves living there.  If a buyer can see themselves living in your home, then you are one step closer to making a sale.



Don’t Stage…Don’t Sell!

Staging your home will benefit you more than anyone else.  With the market being so competitive selling is already a difficult process.  Your competition is most likely staging their homes as well, so by choosing not to stage you could potentially be solidifying a sale for your competition!  Making your home stand out in a positive light gets more people walking through your door and more opportunities to sell.

When it comes to staging your home and the benefits that come with it seem like a no-brainer.  Saving you time and money, staging your home will help your to stand out visually in this competitive and quickly growing market. Need direction on staging your home? Monica Mock is one of the only certified home staging experts in the Washington DC and Northern VA region! Please contact her today with any questions you may have about staging your home to sell!


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4 Powerful Reasons to Stage Your Home

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