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Is Loudoun County Pony Club Right for My Child?

Is Loudoun County Pony Club Right for My Child?  Pony Club in Loudoun County

What is Pony Club?       Loudoun County Pony Club Right for My Child?

Pony Club in Loudoun County VA is an educational nonprofit and volunteer organization established for the purpose of teaching  youth, up to 25 years of age, about riding, competition in mounted sports and horse management, managing horse farms, both as a team and an individual, while engendering responsibility, sportsmanship, self-confidence and leadership skills.  The goal is to teach members to take care of their horses responsibly and safely, as well as to become proficient horsepersons.  The term “pony” refers to the age of members, not their mounts.

Local Area Pony Clubs in Loudoun County and surrounding areas include:

• Blue Ridge Hunt Pony Club (Berryville)

• Loudoun Hunt Pony Club (Leesburg)

• Middleburg Orange County Pony Club (Middleburg), 540-687-5244

• Misty Brae Farm’s Pony Club Riding Center (Aldie), 703-403-6422

• River Bend Pony Club (Ashburn), 703-729-2011

Virginia Pony Club State and National Organizations:  Is Loudoun County Pony Club Right for My Child?

Virginia Regional Pony Club (VRPC) 

United States Pony Clubs, Inc. (USPC) 


Pony Club – Frequently Asked Questions:             Loudoun County Pony Club      

  • How old do you have to be to be a member of Pony Club?  There is no minimum age , but a child must be old enough to ride in a group and safely participate in activities and competitions.  Typically, age 7-8 up to age 25
  • Do I have to own a horse to be in Pony Club?  No, but you must have access to the use of a horse/pony for mounted meetings and rallies, and mounts must be deemed to be appropriate for the member’s riding level and skills.
  • What Pony Clubs are located in Virginia and Loudoun County?  Pony Clubs are organized by local Hunts Clubs – go to  Virginia Pony Clubs
  • What are Parents’ Responsibilities?  Parents  are expected to be fully supportive of and participate in their child’s Pony Club activities by accompanying children to meetings,  hauling or arranging for hauling of ponies/horses to mounted meetings and rallies, helping their children to learn horse theory, rally rules, Pony Club rules according to their children’s ratings, volunteer to help at and plan meetings, participate in rallies for jobs such as timer, gate keeper, etc. 
  • What are Pony Club Ratings?  Ratings are a progression of levels reflecting the mastery of riding (mounted) and horse management (unmounted) skills.  Each rating is comprised of riding tests and stable management tests.  Ratings go from “unrated” as beginners, to D ratings, C ratings and B, H-A and A ratings.  Standards for proficiency for ratings are found in the Pony Club manuals and on the national website,
  • What are Pony Club Rallies?   Rallies are competitions where teams of Pony Club members from regional clubs compete in riding and horse management.  All members ride in the competition except for the Stable Manager who is assigned to assist mounted competitors with their horse care duties and time management.
  • Does Pony Club provide riding instruction?   Pony Club provides mounted instruction but is not a replacement for proper riding instruction.  It is advisable for members to take riding lessons on a regular basis from a qualified instructor.
  • Can Potential Members Attend a Meeting to Determine if Pony Club is Right for Them?   Potential members are encouraged to attend one or more unmounted meetings to see if Pony Club will be a good fit for them.  They may also attend mounted meetings as observers.

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Loudoun County Pony Club

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Is Loudoun County Pony Club Right for My Child?


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